My Snowboarding blog

his post is for all you shredders out there who like a good read. As so many of the most prolific of blogs are beginning to disappear we felt it was time to update our list of the best snowboard blogs out there.

Want to check out what’s going on in the industry? Need to know who won the latest comp? How about some decent board reviews from fellow riders? Then look no further than to our comprehensive guide of the best snowboard blogs & websites in the world.

Still up there as the UK’s number one online community of like-minded shred heads featuring a discussion forum, photo gallery, videos, snow reports, and all sort of other useful info. There’s even a classifieds section for some great gear bargains.

As print magazines begin to see a gradual decline, the UK’s finest snowboard magazine, Whitelines, is keeping it real and current with its continued blogging success.  Here on Mpora you’ll find a regularly updated plethora of the latest competition results, shred clips, funny articles, interviews, and all sorts of other shred worthy goodness. 

One of Britain’s top female snowboarding athletes, who now commentates for BBC sport yet still finds time to be a prolific blogger. Aimee’s site is full of news, exciting competitions, personal achievement and events updates, photos, videos and trick tips – all on a clean, easy to navigate page.

Not only one of the best place for lift ticket deals, Liftopia has a lively, well-written and up-to-date stream of great articles, tricks, reviews and lists that make for a really current and informative read from a host of magnificent, passionate staff and guest writers.  Their host of spin off social media sites gives Liftopia an enviable, enjoyable online presence too. Lots to get your shred-lovers teeth into.

Snowboard Addiction describes itself as a world leader in snowboard tutorials and training equipment and who are we to disagree? Ah yes, another world leader in snowboard training!

Calling themselves ‘the independent republic of snow’, Boardistan is a one stop shop that mixes snow, surf, and skate news all in one great looking, very easy to navigate site, albeit a little focussed on the U.S./Canada scenes. Great for catching up with competition results nonetheless. Another prolific and enjoyable to follow social media presence, the only slight worry we have is that their excellent Instagram site has gone quiet in the five weeks since Motorhead’s Lemmy died. Come back now guys, the board loving world needs you to be strong.

If you like reading gear reviews then this is the place for you! Full of articles that ask questions like, ‘What Happens When You Breed Ski Bindings With Snowboard Bindings?’ the AngrySnowboarder is still testing nearly every new piece of kit they can get their hands on. It’s also a good place to read the occasional industry related rant… as the name might suggest.

Still one of the all-time heavy hitters in the industry, it seems like Transworld Snowboarding has been going since the invention of the snurfer. A great place to find all the usual contest results, as well as articles, trick tips, gear reviews, and the sickest video clips photos!

The youtube of the action sports world. On you can find a huge stash of shred clips for both snowboarding and skiing, alongside loads of other action sports clips. Guaranteed to get you stoked!

Established in 2009 and based in Michigan, brings you irregularly scheduled snowboarding news and videos, original travel and lifestyle commentary, and unbiased product reviews.
Agnarchy describes itself as ‘the least significant snowboarding blog since 2009’ but we disagree.


We’ve also found these to be a particularly useful tool when it comes to whiling away the hours/days/months when waiting for the start of one of our snowboard instructor courses!

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